Kingcuan (CUAN)

Let’s Multiple Your Income Stream

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
500,000 USD
Hard Cap
1,267,000 USD
Start Date
End Date

What is Kingcuan?

We can say that Kingcuan is a simple project, why so? It is because Kingcuan invests their investment funds in various financial sectors. They do not use it to build any start-ups just like the common token projects.

At this time, there are many crypto projects and these are working with ICO funds. The goal is to finance their start-up. Therefore, they failed to maintain the price of their tokens on the market. As a result, the price of their tokens falls, even below the ICO price. Learning from here, we then created a project to make sure that we can increase the price of the tokens. So, we consider working in the investment sector to get big profit.

Also, we will return the large profits to investors. We may allocate some to maintain the price of our tokens on the market. Therefore, we ensure to increase the price of the tokens significantly to get more profits.

In this project, we have a concern about the security of our investors and their funds. Therefore, we are investing in something medium and long term. We are not going to use any investment strategy with a high risk of loss.

What we offer in our investment package is quite different from other products. Kingcuan offers benefits for about 5% minimum per month. Investors may get up to 15% as the maximum benefits monthly. We also complete our project with the affiliate system to increase more members in our Kingcan community. This system will provide more marketing benefits for our product.

We also have a big commitment to create a large community so they can invest more in their crypto world. Furthermore, we believe about this project and we will do our best attempt to keep your trust as our investors. We want you to get high satisfaction.

Additionally, we, Kingcuan team believe about the idea of creating a transparent and decentralized hedge fund community. The presence of our efficient and profitable method is available to anyone who wants to become our investor in the crypto world.

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