Lavenir ICO (LVR)

Welcome To The REAL Cryptocurrency Revolution

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4 April 2018
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4 May 2018

What is Lavenir ICO?

Welcome to the REAL cryptocurrency revolution.

The French term “La Venir” literally translates as “The Coming” or “The Future.” The unstoppable growth of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin has led us to a point where cryptocurrency trading need not be an unpredictable, extremely volatile affair as it once was. As cryptocurrencies grow in use and popularity, they are becoming recognized as real commodities to be traded in real time, with real profits to be made. As the world’s biggest financial institutions begin to trade cryptocurrency futures, and cryptocurrency exchanges gain more traction by the day, it is time for you to get in on this action in a simple, effective and brilliant way.

Lavenir (LVR) is a lending platform that is the next step in the evolution of cryptocurrencies. Where the concept of cryptocurrency lending has been previously attempted with varying degrees of success, Lavenir brings together a perfect match of financial industry experience, design excellence, and seamless user experience. Now you can invest in professional cryptocurrency traders and receive a share of the profits made, based on a preset interest rate. If you are conversant with the process and feel of working with currency and commodity traders, LVR will be right up your street, and with good reason.

The borderline-fraudulent claim often made by cryptocurrency trading services is that they use “bots” to execute profitable trades with wildly optimistic interest rates available for lenders. Lavenir makes no such claims and does not sell dreams to prospective investors. What Lavenir has is a team of real people with several years of experience in trading cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments including stocks and bonds. Lavenir aims to enable ordinary investors – regardless of their level of engagement with the cryptocurrency ecosystem – to create a stable and consistent pipeline of returns on their cryptocurrency investments and thus create a steady source of income to improve their lives.

Cryptocurrency has rapidly evolved from being the future to become the present. Lavenir is the next step in this story of economic evolution. This white paper will address this process of change, the problem in the cryptocurrency market that LVR solves, and how to be a part of Lavenir’s unfolding success story.

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