Leonardo Render (LEOS)

Rendering Reimagined

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Soft Cap
2,000,000 USD
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12,000,000 USD
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What is Leonardo Render?

Leonardo is an institutional grade graphical rendering solution that joins an enterprise level rendering software application with a blockchain-based protocol that provides access to the compute power of all network participants. The platform’s blockchain-based supercompute protocol delivers customers the fastest, simplest, and most affordable cloud-based rendering solution on the market.

Using Leonardo’s desktop application, artists, designers, manufacturers, and corporations of every size and scale will be able to purchase the compute power needed to complete a render. This system offers both an unparalleled user experience and a high level of intellectual property security. The cost of Leonardo’s service will be priced up to $.50 USD per GPU per hour, depending on the power of the GPU selected. A single GPU, on average, earns $.035 USD per hour mining Ethereum at the time of writing. Leonardo will ensure a consistently high quality of service through a built in incentive model for miners. Each miner will stake a certain number of LEOS tokens, to provide services for the network. This stake lso serves as a security deposit. If, for whatever reason, the quality of the render falls below acceptable standards, the staked tokens will be revoked from the miner and equivalent compensation will be made to the client. This type of model gives all miners a strong economic incentive to deliver render services at the highest possible standards. The role of the LEOS token is described in further detail in the “Token Model” section below.

Leonardo is already in the first stage of deployment and has entered into a vertically integrated partnership with the United States’ largest crypto mining facility: the 23,000 GPU Giga Watt facility of Washington state. Retail consumers and institutional renderers alike will enjoy the ability to watch their renderings complete in real time, on their desktops, at the fastest speed and lowest costs currently available across all industry participants. As the business develops, Leonardo will continue to onboard mining participants. Leonardo miners will require a minimum of 50 GPUs to join the network. While other distributed compute projects accept single GPU miners as participants, Leonardo sets a high minimum due to the technical aspects of completing a render. In order to render quickly, Leonardo will sum GPU power from multiple miners, but because large distances between miners cause system latency, it makes sense to aggregate power from miners situated in the same location to serv ce a single client. By creating a network of large-scale GPU farms all around the world, Leonardo will be able to service clients globally, sourcing
GPU power for each client based on proximity to a participating farm.

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