LevelApp (LVL)

Buy and Spend Crypto Using Apple Pay

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ICO Price
0.005893 USD
0.0000338 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
700,000 USD
Hard Cap
4,080,000 USD
Start Date
30 September 2018
End Date
30 October 2018

What is LevelApp?

A new kind of assets – digital currencies and tokens are increasingly entering our life. There are few people left who have not heard about cryptocurrencies. According to the researches, 74% of people aware of cryptocurrencies. However, awareness does not mean “engagement”:
only 10% said they ever owned cryptocurrencies.

Soon we will witness a big shift in adoption of this technology. Awareness will turn into engagement, the institutional investors will arrive, Exchange Traded Funds will be established. The ground for it is already prepared: CME2 and CBOE3 have recently launched bitcoin futures trading. In addition, processes of “nationalization” of crypto-currencies are already being launched, news about initiatives to launch the state-run crypt currency or ICO are coming from all around the world, from Venezuela to Estonia.

According to the theory of diffusion of innovations, each technology or product goes through the following stages of development: Innovators stage. The time of geeks, who do not care about the appearance of the product, the main thing for them is that the product solves their problem. Early adopters. It’s you and us, those who came after geeks and are not averse to trying something new. Early majority & late majority. The majority of consumers. They are not ready to forgive errors in the design and wait for the transaction to be confirmed 6 times.  Laggards. These are the guys who will use the cryptocurrency only when there are no other options left.

LevelApp is designed to remove barriers on the way of cryptocurrency adoption. In the Theory of diffusion of innovations, we are the driver of the transition from Early adopters to the Early majority stage.

Let’s make crypto payments as easy as 1-2-3 together!

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