Lifeform (LFT)

Embarking On The Virtual Creation Of All Things

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6 May 2024
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15 May 2024

What is Lifeform?

Lifeform, a pioneering provider of decentralized digital identity solutions, empowers individuals to securely and seamlessly navigate the digital realm. With a vision of inclusivity, Lifeform aims to facilitate the integration of the next billion users into the web3 revolution.

At the forefront of innovation, Lifeform introduces hyper-realistic 3D virtual human avatars as NFT-based digital identities. These avatars are accessible across both web3 and traditional web2 platforms, offering users a unique and engaging identity experience. With the user-friendly Virtual Human Editor tool and cross-blockchain NFT storage, Lifeform ensures a smooth and intuitive process for creating and managing digital identities.

One of Lifeform’s groundbreaking developments is the creation of the Universal Domain, which provides domain names with the .btc suffix. This innovation simplifies authentication and positioning in blockchain networks, granting users complete control over their identity information. Leveraging the robust network of Bitcoin, Lifeform ensures global recognition and usability, thereby enhancing security in digital identity management.

Backed by industry leaders such as Binance Labs and IDG Capital, Lifeform stands as a driving force in shaping the future of digital identity and web3 technology. With a commitment to innovation and inclusivity, Lifeform strives to revolutionize the way individuals interact and transact in the digital world.

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