Hyper Translation Crypto Ecosystem

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What is LIOS?

For the last five decades, SYSTRAN has been the market leader in language-translation products and solutions, covering all types of platforms, from desktop, web service, to enterprise server. In addition, SYSTRAN has achieved remarkable business results in the field of artificial intelligence based on deep learning and machine learning technologies.

OpenNMT is an open source project for the language intelligence development that Harvard University’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) group and SYSTRAN have launched since 2016. OpenNMT has made prominent technological achievements active user contributions and R&D activities by a large number of developers and experts worldwide and has been ranked 26 out of 8,800 projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

The Language service market and AI market size is estimated to be worth over USD 100 billion by 2023. The industry of artificial intelligence-based translation and language processing technologies has high growth potential and the market is also rapidly expanding. On the other hand, there are various problems to be resolved such as management of copyrights and IP ownership, fair distribution of profits and technology monopolies.

To address the raised issues, SYSTRAN is initiating the Linguistic Intelligence Open Source (LIOS) platform, a combination of OpenNMT and the blockchain technology. The LIOS Platform consists of a multi blockchain-based marketplace, SaaS and OpenNMT, and offers digital contents trade, application development, and enhanced artificial intelligence-based language technologies. These elements combine to form a hyper-connected network which creates synergy.

The LIOS Platform targets Hyper Translation and Hyper-Connected Network Ecosystem which principally make use of blockchain and artificial intelligence-based language technologies. By offering a virtuous cycle that shares related technologies, rapid and inexpensive supply of products and services and fair distribution of profit in a transparent manner, the LIOS ecosystem will have sustainability and high scalability.

The LIOS project is a new paradigm of hyper-connected networks that evolve by participants. To implement the project, we proceed with Token Generation Event (TGE).

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