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What is Logos?


The Logos Network is a distributed, trustless transaction network designed for extreme scalability. It achieves high transaction throughput and low confirmation latency using a novel structure. Each account on the network has an individual chain that tracks all of its transactions, allowing independent transactions to be processed in parallel. A main settlement chain provides universal synchronization of nodes as well as dynamic validator sets. Sharding via Polis adds a second dimension of parallelism to the network and additional scalability. Transactions are validated and approved by a small number of delegates elected via a representative system, which reduces redundant operations while preserving safety. Consensus is achieved via Axios, a delegated PBFT-based algorithm optimized for speed. The network provides both accountable safety and plausible liveness through slashing conditions and other game theoretic incentives. Future work will additionally implement scripting and data capabilities, which will allow for rich transactions. Logos’s guiding principles that marry rigorous mathematics, game theory, and practicality help it provide the best value transfer network for all transactions, from IoT microtransactions to multi-million dollar commercial payments.

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