MacroChain Computing and Networking System

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What is MANX?


MANX (MacroChain Computing and Networking System) is a distributed service platform that supports post-quantum cryptography and high-performance multi-chain synergy, while facilitating the value-aggregated closed loop token economy. MANX project aims to build a blockchain ecosystem for decentralized applications based on the third-generation public chain architecture.

MANX is a super server to provide decentralized services for various internet services. MANX adopts an extensible multi-chain architecture and build it on the basis of a core high-performance main chain. We realize that different application scenarios are applicable to different hierarchical subchains, enabling decentralized applications to builds closed-loop operating environments for token economics on subchains. Therefore, MANX will serve the internet backend to meet the needs of various decentralized applications. The anti-quantum security mechanism adopted by MANX can guarantee the public chain system run for decades in the era of decentralization and quantum computing.

In our view, there are many roads leading to blockchain 3.0. The most basic element is a safe, efficient, low-transaction-cost public chain. On this public chain, we can realize cross chain operations towards mainstream public chains and various alliance chains and private chains. The development of MANX is divided into three stages. In the first stage, the main chain utilizes MANX consensus, which is an asynchronous and synchronous dual model consensus engine. It has promising features such as high performance and consistency, among others. It can achieve 10000 TPS throughput in tens of thousands of nodes. Strict fork-accountability guarantees hold over the behavior of malicious actors. MANX consensus algorithm is well suited for scaling public proof-of-stake blockchains.

The Gossip protocol and real-time hyper-cube routing are adopted in the Peer-to-Peer messaging. In the multi-chain architecture of MANX, the default state is the public chain. The side-chain can be generated with different configuration parameters. Therefore, side-chains can define their own block size and have their own network routing. At the same time, the data in the side-chain can also be notarized on the public chain to enhance the credit endorsement of the alliance chain. In the multi-chain structure, the individual subchain can have its own consensus mechanism like PBFT or RAFT, which is pluggable. The whole network topology structure supports the infinite sharding mechanism.

MANX development framework (MANX framework) is a user-friendly application development tool, including developing, testing and deploying. Tens of thousands of programmers can try their hands at blockchain application development in MANX framework. The development framework directly interacts with MANX ABCI to maximize the speed of DAPP deployment. MANX introduces SQL as a custom scripting language to reduce the learning curve for traditional programmers who are more comfortable with traditional SQL statements. MANX makes it possible to use advanced modules in the database technology field. It is more convenient to design interactive interfaces with other database systems. MVM (MANX virtual Machine) is an underlying virtual system built upon SQL instruction set with specific functions for fast implementation of customized scripting programs and the validation of multi-chain consensus.

What is the quickest way for programmers to start developing block-chain applications? A template! Programmers can read the template code and modify it to meet their own requirements. MANX offers eight distributed application templates: website, exchange, payments, insurance, investment, social media, gaming, and e-commerce. These kinds of templates basically include the main patterns of human activity on the internet.

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