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0.08 USD
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0.0571 USD
Soft Cap
50,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
440,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
1 August 2018
Pre ICO End Date
20 September 2018
Start Date
1 October 2018
End Date
20 November 2018

What is MarbCoin?


MarbCoin the app
What can our application do, and what is the use of it for you?

The MarbCoin app runs on a blockchain with support for Smart Contracts especially for the real estate market. Because of these Smart Contracts, it is possible to purchase, finance and manage residential and commercial real estate. The name of the

Because the blockchain is public, developers can develop their own applications, like an app for renting out hotel rooms.

Examples of use of our standard application
Below are some examples of how our blockchain and application can be used.  The blockchain application is still under development and will be available for iOS and Android. In the future we will continue to work on the application to add more functions, but also to keep the app safe and up to date.

We have many more usage scenarios, but these will only be added at a later stage. This depends mostly on the objectives achieved by the ICO.

Financing of real estate
If financing is required to acquire a home or commercial property, a smart contract can be created. All data of the object and the financing details are entered in the blockchain.

A person wants to buy a house or business premise and needs financing or a mortgage to do so.  With MarbCoin it is possible to create a (smart) contract with all the data of the object and the financing details, all this data then enters – encrypted or not – the blockchain. On the basis of this data, third parties, who may be private individuals or companies, may offer financing (crowdfunding).

Because all data is public, and everything can be easily checked by everyone, the costs are much lower than is currently the case with traditional banks. In addition, our own currency, the MarbCoin, can be used to finance objects and repay the financing.

Purchase and sale of residential and commercial property
With the application, a house can be offered for sale and others can immediately place a bid.

In the MarbCoin app, someone can offer a house or commercial property for sale. This property then will be listed in the application and associated website(s) as for sale.

As soon as someone wants to buy a property and wants to know everything about it, they can use our blockchain. With our application it is possible to track exactly who the previous owners of the object were and the previous sales prices are also available. Contractors can add any renovations done to the “property profile”. In addition, additional data may include, energy labels, taxes, etc.

As soon as all the data is known, somebody can make an offer on the property based on this data via the application. If both parties agree, a (smart) contract can be drawn up automatically.

We are currently doing research whether we can let computers determine the asking price and rental price. Based on information like photos, location and existing data from the blockchain, we can use “Machine Learning” to determine a realistic price.

The traditional real estate agent can work much faster, and in some cases is no longer needed at all.

Property management and rentals
Our application makes the property management and rentals much simpler and more transparent.

Our application makes the management of an existing building simpler and more transparent. The rental data such as which tenants there are, rental prices and whether a property is empty or not are directly included in the blockchain.  This data is also important when selling the object.

Maintenance or rental contracts can be added to the blockchain with a smart contract. In the event of a sale of the object, all these data can be taken into account.

This application is also suitable for hotels where the management and rental of rooms can be easily tracked. On top of this, a separate booking module can be developed.

As with sales, we are also doing research whether, with the help of “Machine Learning”, we can determine a real rental price for homes or hotel rooms.

Investing in real estate
Investing in real estate is becoming much more transparent due to the public nature of the blockchain.

Investing in real estate becomes a lot more transparent because all the data of the property and the investment are available in the blockchain. This shows whether a property has been rented out, for how long and at what price. Possible maintenance and insurances are also visible.

In our new app which runs entirely on our blockchain it is easy to create Smart Contracts for financing and management of real estate properties.

Who are we?

MarbCoin was founded by Melle Sap, known from many online (real estate) IT projects. Melle is Dutch and worked for almost 16 years in IT, developing many projects. More than 10 years ago, he accidentally ended up in the southern Spanish real estate world.

At the moment our team consists of professionals from the European real estate sector and IT specialists, our team is still growing, especially during our pre ICO, so keep an eye on our web page.

We have a large network of international real estate investors and many real estate agents. The aim is to speed up the acceptance of the MarbCoin among real estate specialists.

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