Melior AI (MEL)

Affordable Groundbreaking AI Products

Review Score
ICO Price
0.12 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
20,000,000 USD
Start Date
12 November 2018
End Date
15 December 2018

What is Melior AI?

AI & blockchain powered E-Commerce bots for businesses of all sizes.


Melior AI are an Artificial Intelligence research, development and solutions provider with our own proprietary Machine Learning and Deep Learning models that we have used to created competitive e-commerce products to affordably deliver the benefits of AI to businesses of all sizes across the world.


We have an experienced technical team of software developers and academics with decades of experience in the AI sector. Our management and advisory team include lawyers, UN advisors, entrepreneurs and Goldman Sachs alumni.


Melior have developed two working e-commere products which outperform our competitors on all major Natural Language Understanding (NLU) metrics. MILA – an advanced enterprise chatbot, that can complete sales and act as a website replacement. MAX – an advanced FAQ bot to deal with general queries.


Both MAX and MILA are fully tested, available for commercial purchase and feature:


Speedy Onboarding – Instant subscription and swift deployment

Universality – Because of our unique learning methods, our chatbots can be deployed across any industry,

Revolutionary Technology – Our bots have been trained on vast existing databases and understand the complexities of human expression.

Cost Efficiency – Significantly cheaper than other AI products and human call centre operatives.

Token Powered – Use of the AI systems is powered by our MEL tokens.


The e-commerce market globally is worth $1.4 trillion dollars annually in the ten largest markets alone and we believe that every e-commerce provider with a need for customer services or contact centre employees is a potential Melior customer. Beyond this, we imagine that every business with a website is also a potential customer through our product MINNIE and its Pay-As-You-Go System.


Reasons to invest in Melior


Melior have two working products that are ready for retail.

Melior are in advance discussions with several global conglomerates to purchase our products.

Melior can also target the SME market with Pay As You Go versions of our enterprise products.

Melior have our own proprietary Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

Melior intellectual property can easily be moved out into other business sectors.

Melior have an experienced AI & Business development team.

Melior have an exciting set of additional products in the R&D pipeline.

Melior are one of the most advanced and exciting software start-ups in Europe.

Melior are working at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence – the global tool of the future.

The blockchain and MEL tokens are fully integrated into the Melior ecosystem.

MEL tokens are crucial to the success of the company.

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