MetalCore (MCG)

Fuel Your Victory

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0.02 USD
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Start Date
21 June 2024
End Date
28 June 2024

What is MetalCore?

After hundreds of years traveling through space, it’s time to prove your worth, Scrubs! Welcome to Kerberos.

MetalCore is a sci-fi MMO featuring epic mechs and PvP battles, with deep crafting mechanics and a player-driven economy. Players must survive an adrenaline-fueled battleground starting as a foot soldier, climb the ranks and grow their destructive arsenal of mechs and war machines. Forge alliances, recruit your squad, scavenge blueprints and upgrade gear in your pursuit of planetary dominance.

Kerberos needs only the strongest soldiers to claim this new land. You will decide where your allegiance lies. You may join the methodical Gear Breakers, unrelenting Metal Punks, or reverent Holy Corporation.

In the gritty, war-torn world of Kerberos, where mechs rumble and gunfire rattles, a game-changer rises above the fray – MCG.

MCG empowers you with the ability to customize your gameplay to depths never before seen, giving YOU unmatched control and agency over your items and upgrades. Whether you’re arming yourself to the teeth, or orchestrating your strategy, MCG puts the ultimate power in your grasp.

So rally your squad, soldier, and brace yourself for the thrill of victory. Are you prepared to claim it?

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