Mirada AI (MIRX)

Bridging Blockchain and AI for Enhanced User Autonomy

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What is Mirada AI?


Mirada AI, developed by Mirada Labs, introduces a groundbreaking approach to artificial intelligence through a decentralized model. Its whitepaper unfolds the vision of Mirada AI, emphasizing the role of community engagement, uncensored & unbiased AI, and sustainable funding.

At its core, Mirada AI leverages blockchain technology to democratize AI, making advanced image generation, LLM chat, search, audio generation, and animation accessible to all. Users can mint their creations into NFTs, fostering a vibrant marketplace that not only celebrates creativity but also enables real-world utility and value exchange. Furthermore, the platform incorporates an advertiser model to sustain GPU costs without compromising user experience, ensuring the project’s longevity and relevance.

Premium features such as animation, faceswap, faster image loading, and specialized models distinguish Mirada AI, offering enhanced capabilities while promoting an active and engaged community. The project’s economic model is meticulously designed to support its infrastructure, featuring a modest transaction fee on DeFi platforms , and rewarding token holders through staking and governance participation.

Mirada AI stands as a beacon of innovation, inviting users, developers, and enthusiasts to partake in a decentralized future where AI and creativity converge seamlessly.

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