Money Rebel (MRP)

A Marketplace of Advisors

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ICO Price
0.05 EUR
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
2,000,000 EUR
Hard Cap
24,000,000 EUR
Start Date
8 May 2018
End Date
15 May 2018

What is Money Rebel?

Thanks to the advent of blockchain technology, the world of crypto offers exciting investment opportunities. But let’s face it. Knowing how to navigate the crypto landscape can be difficult. That’s where MoneyRebel comes in. You see, we’re a unique platform that brings newcomers and advisors together in one place.

MoneyRebel solves fi­ve problems in Crypto

1. Crypto is complicated and it’s hard to get started.

MR Crypto makes it easy to exchange ‑at for crypto. Whether you wish turn Euros, and later also other ‑at currencies, into Etherium or MRP, MR Crypto makes it simple and quick. We also provide MR Wallet, a built-in secure Etherium crypto wallet for easy storage and the transfer of ERC20 compatible tokens. From validation to purchase, all it takes are just a few clicks — no need to waste more than 15 minutes of your time.

2. It’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to getting help managing Crypto or Fiat money.

We provide a marketplace of crypto-skilled professionals who help newcomers navigate through the complicated crypto landscape. Aside from skilled Crypto advisors, we also provide access to other financial advisors including wealth managers, bankers, financial planners, insurance specialists, coaches, tax specialists, accountants and even lawyers. All are available on the platform. Thanks to the Intuitive Communication Center we’ve included, the Blockchain maintains the trustworthiness of advisors.

3. Banks are expensive and crypto unfriendly.

MR Banking (EU only), provides free basic banking features and a free MR Smart Debit Card that enable settlements in crypto. This can make life a lot easier. MR Banking also provides users with something extremely important — complete control over their spending by incorporating a smart budgeting feature. And MR Robo Advisor and MR Virtual Assistant, powered by Arti­cial Intelligence, takes banking to a whole new level. Banks are expensive and crypto unfriendly.

4. Investors often lack a complete financial overview.

MR Portfolio provides investors with a 360° financial overview. Crypto is just the latest asset class but it is entirely probable that investors have already accumulated a variety of other assets. These include stocks, funds, gold, and more, purchased from several financial institutions over the years. This means too many accounts and login passwords to remember. Our API connectivity with PSD2 directive, enables users to benefit from a universal financial overview, all on one platform.

5. Investing in ICOs is becoming too complicated.

We believe that it’s extremely important to provide integrated MR ICO Pooling functionality. This outstanding feature of MoneyRebel allows many small investors to take advantages of whale-reserved discounts and time slots by simply pooling assets together. These pooling opportunities will be carefully evaluated by the Advisory Board of MoneyRebel. Our distinguished Advisory Board members provide prudent oversight of MoneyRebel’s operations.

The result? We provide a safe, secure, and simple way to get the expertise and resources newcomers need to take advantage of everything crypto has to offer

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