Moveo (MOV token)

Stay in Shape and Earn Money

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0.02 USD
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Soft Cap
4,200 ETH
Hard Cap
8,800 ETH
Start Date
17 June 2019
End Date
31 August 2019

What is Moveo?


If there is one area that is widely accepted both in the scientific community and elsewhere, it’s well the benefits that sport gives us. These benefits are varied and covers a broad spectrum of domain. Among these areas we can mention in first time the physical benefits of sports. Playing sports can make you stronger and healthier, contributing to lower obesity rates, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Athletes tend to have lower body mass indexes, but non-athlete participants will still benefit from developing muscles and burning calories. Active people tend to have lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Exercising regularly through sports programs could contribute to better heart and lung function. Learning to play sports as a child might carry over into being a more active adult, according to Sports and Psych Central states that some sports tend to have a more lasting impact from childhood into adulthood: soccer, baseball and hockey, for example. In sports such as gymnastics or diving, athletes tend to peak while still young and not participate as adults


We started from a simple observation: A lot of people know that sport is good for them few or not enough make it. The lack of motivation proves to be one of the main obstacles to the practice of sport. With MOVEO, we want to eliminate this lack of motivation by paying you for exercising. So, you feel good and you have earn money for it!

Our goal is to motivate people into exercising and becoming healthy with currency and to compensate those who are taking care of themselves every day.

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