Mplus (MPL)

International Medical Platform

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20 February 2018
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2 April 2018
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2 April 2018
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17 May 2018

What is Mplus?

In many developed countries, a serious decline in birthrate and an aging population; while in Asian and African countries, there are sudden increase in population growth, and throughout the world abnormal weather events continue to occur. Humanity is being flooded with problems and challenges like never before. However throughout the world little-known, innovative medical antiaging technology exists, and there are already products out there that are applying the said technology. For people throughout the world to truly forever be youthful and beautiful both inside and out, to truly enrich everyone’s lives, what is really needed? One of the answers lies in the distribution revolution made possible by the new block chain method.

It may be said that something is truly good, however, it is easy to run into something that isn’t the genuine article, and imitation or a forgery. What’s more, a system that lets the consumer know whether or not the product is counterfeit or not isn’t readily available. This results in the hindrance of normal international transport costs. Because of that, it is much harder for new medical technology and products to find their way to the people of the world. When block chain technology is applied to sales of medical products on an international platform, by managing business information history such as raw materials used and manufacturing sites, the system can help ensure that business dealings are done quickly and accurately.

Through the use of business platform, many food and medical product manufacturers utilizes the world’s excellent product to be traded reliably at a low cost. If this system is realized, everyone can greatly benefit.

From the Malaysia pharmaceutical business to inside Japan, and also through overseas distribution, from manufacturing to distribution to sales, we provide comprehensive group management. We will demonstrate this business system and aim for a new high standard for medical product business dealings on an international platform.

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