Myrillion (MYL)

Disrupting the Music Industry

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ICO Price
0.015 EUR
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
5,000,000 EUR
Hard Cap
20,000,000 EUR
Pre ICO Start Date
7 May 2018
Pre ICO End Date
3 June 2018
Start Date
End Date

What is Myrillion?

The fact that the consumers’ expectations are always changing combined to the radical transformation of the historical content production and distribution models logically leads us to rethink the whole paradigm. We believe in creating a solution that enables:

  • value creators to be effectively and equitably rewarded for their efforts.
  • Entertainment enthusiasts to access a wider range of content with an ever more interactive and emotional experience.
  • event professionals to improve their organizational models and their customers’ knowledge.

The Myrillion project allows us today to make this vision come true.

It consists in the creation of a community of users, gathered around a means of exchange dedicated to this community and supported by a secure, decentralized network accessible to all users. The advantages of such a framework are numerous and concern all Entertainment players. These advantages include:

  • the reliability and automation of the treatment of contractual agreements finalized between professionals.
  • the streamlining and the optimization of financial transactions between community members, whether they are professionals or consumers (creation of a digital currency).
  • the emergence of new user experiences, such as the possibility of real-time interactions between content players and their audience (e.g.: payment of “tips” to artists).

The project also improves the monitoring of the traceability of intellectual works. Although it is currently impossible to guarantee the perpetual inviolability of a work, the effort of our teams helps to move research forward towards a lasting solution for the entire artistic community.

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