NAi (NAi)

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Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
0.85 USD
Soft Cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
8,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
2 July 2018
Pre ICO End Date
23 September 2018
Start Date
24 September 2018
End Date
23 January 2019

What is NAi?

Top five companies across 4 countries, 250 people, 300 years of combined technology experience, scholars in Blockchain technology, one common goal… To create a solution for the financial markets’ biggest problem, that has never been addressed before untill this day. And that problem is that over a billion investors around the world want to know the direction of their financial asset. Which way is it going to go? And in today’s world, with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, 50 years of data available on 24,000 listed stocks around the world in capital markets, forex, and commodities, along with “Wisdom Of The Crowd” phenomenon and “Prediction Markets Platform”, investors should have the right to know the direction of their investment. And this is where Nai European Technologies, comes in. We are developing a platform combined with all of the Above Mentioned Technologies to serve the needs of the investors around the world. Now the investors can confidently invest, may it be in stocks, commodities, Forex or metals without getting influenced by the investment banks that try to control the asset direction by their Sometimes biased reports and analysis. The financial crisis of 2008 has been the biggest learning experience for investors of what manipulation by investment banks does to common investors.

Veiliux, founded by the 3rd most accomplished cyber security expert worldwide who has helped 400 organizations such as Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter, Uber, Tesla, Airbnb, Apple, Google etc resolve critical security issues in their system. Currently present in Asia Pacific, UAE and UK, Veiliux, has the expertise required to help NAi accomplish its goals in developing a secure and reliable Prediction Markets Application. AppsGenii with 10 years in business and over 500 international projects under its belt in design, development, deployment and training and a team of 70 full time experts, is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific with all of its clientele overseas including United States of America, Japan, Uk and The Middle East, adds strength to the core team of NAi European Technologies, as its core partner in conceptualizing and implementation of the idea behind bringing a Blockchain based revolution in the world financial markets.

Crypto Launchpad, a company based out of Wellington, New Zealand specializing in Independent Due Diligence, Investment Banking and Exchange Listing for crypto assets through its certification processes and underwriting services has partnered with NAi European Technologies to provide its professional services in accomplishing the goal of raising funds through the initial coin offering and to provide independent ratnig and underwriting services. The intended purpose behind Born Realist was just to share content and opinions when it originally commenced back in 2017, but seeing how our content stirred up and captivated people of all sorts, we began our journey as a digital media & news company. It was founded by 3 young college students, Shahroze Kashif, Usama Zahid and Hasnat Java who were eager to inspire and motivate people. And in just one year, Born Realist broke barriers and reached great heights of success.

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