State Of The Art Blockchain Designed And Built For Speed

Review Score
ICO Price
0.025 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
5000 USD
Hard Cap
25000 USD
Start Date
21 September 2022
End Date
31 October 2022

What is NEATIO?


NEATIO is a young, but bold project meant to challenge the current solution for payments. With that in mind, NEATIO is built to be an advanced payment solution, a blazing fast blockchain, that has a 1,5 sec tx finality time and can process over one million transactions per second. It is also EVM compatible, meaning that it can support smart contracts. Neatio is a proof-of-stake blockchain designed for speed and efficiency. The network prioritizes speed, usability, and low fees to make payments and transfers fast, affordable, and secure.

The network’s economy runs on NEAT, its native coin that can be gained by proof of stake, through delegation or by running a full validator node. Total supply is fixed, capped at 50 million and set to be reached in approximately 15 years, minting will end in 2037 with a daily inflation of 8235 NEAT.


  • Block emission has a timeframe of just 1,5 seconds
  • High scalability with no confirmation time
  • Dynamic block size
  • Smart contract support
  • Side-chains implementation for limitless scalability
  • Maximum total supply is 50 million NEAT
  • Variable collateral amount that can be staked by validators
  • Delegated staking

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