Blockchain-based P2P Data Business Platform

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0.04 USD
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1,000,000 USD
Start Date
23 May 2019
End Date
2 June 2019

What is NEMODaX?


NEMOLab is a company specialized in the Blockchain research/development where personnel who hope to make a transparent world by utilizing the core technology of Blockchain and the Blockchain well were gathered and immersed themselves in R&D.

At this point of time, Blockchain technology has many limitations yet to be recognized as the technology which can be utilized usefully in every business, in a word, well-equipped commercialized technology. Although it has a lot of weak points, and there is still a long way to go to be utilized actively in the real economy, one obvious thing is that it is sufficient to be regarded as the “decentralized” technology which will be used in our daily lives in the future usefully and prevalently.

So far, although many people have al lot of interest in the core platform or issued coin investment only rather than in the Dapp where many people approach to the general public by utilizing the Blockchain, NEMOLab reforms itself as the company that plans and develops Dapp which will make its use more friendly and usefully for the general public by utilizing the core technology of Blockchain well and will make a transparent society.

The cryptocurrency to be issued by NEMOLab does not limit its use and usability only for the purpose of investment. It was designed with its goal to make its use obviously at the same time as service opening and to enhance the ‘investment + holding + use’ value of the cryptocurrency to be distributed further.

In the future, we will advance to the company specialized in the Blockchain which can be represented both at home and abroad through solidarity with various specialists at outside groups and research institutes by progressing more diversified utilization of Blockchain core technology and development of Blockchain core technology.

The objective of all business and service models comprised by NEMOLab is to develop the ‘user-friendly service’ which can be approached to the real life of user closely, and its goal is the use of Blockchain technology usefully in the society as a whole beyond general common sense of society like ‘Blockchain = coin investment’. This objective is the reason why NEMODaX does not progress Pre-Sale and ICC before launching its service also, and it was designed so that the coin self-issued by NEMOLab can be used in the ‘Token Economy Eco System’ within NEMODaX and the value of use can be used in the real lives of general public universally.

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