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What is Neuron?

NEURON is a pioneering international decentralized payment system that operates independently from regulators and existing payment systems.

Independence from regulators is achieved through the use of a third-generation blockchain developed by the NEURON team which features a hybrid consensus mechanism (DPoI + TaPoS) and the capability to open NEURON Network state channels, securing it the highest transaction speed of 100,000 tps (prospectively scalable up to 1,000,000 tps).

Independence from the infrastructures established by the current payment market mainstays is ensured by the system’s agent network — an internal source of liquidity, which allows it to set up its own rules of the game, including those regulating fiat transaction limits.

The payment system has its own multi-currency wallet, which supports 14 cryptocurrencies and fiat money, as well as the system’s own plastic cards.

NEURON’s own currency, NER, allows cross-border payments to be conducted with a minimum commission. Decentralized processing is used to service NEURON plastic cards and provide crypto-acquiring services. No high-power processing devices are required for mining operations.

NEURON API is used for the integration of the system’s payment system with any external entities: banks, exchange and payment services, online stores and retail outlets.

To integrate crypto and fiat accounts and ensure deposits and withdrawals of fiat currency, NEURON will incorporate EMI-licensed companies and alternative payment providers in its corporate structure.

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