Neutro (Neutro)

More than Blockchain

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12,000,000 USD
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What is Neutro?

Neutro is an innovaPon in core of blockchain technology. Our aim is to remove the obstacles to blockchain adopPon by making a protocol that is secure, scalable and decentralised while also allowing for completely anonymous transacPons between individuals. With true decentralisaPon as guiding principle, we have removed the need for oracles to bring real-world data into the blockchain, allowing unprecedented diversity of use alongside scale and efficiency. We believe these
innovaPons cannot be found together in other projects, and only together they remove the main obstacles to increased adopPon.

If the Neutro cryptocurrency’s aYributes represent a next-generaPon technology that allows efficient, diverse and anonymous transacPons at scale, the user interface layer becomes the final barrier. By adopPng a mobile-first approach, we can bring financial access to people abandoned or locked out by governments, make blockchain an indispensable instrument rather than a tool for the commiYed enthusiast or speculator and allow the technology to reach its potenPal as a way to transact and invest free from insPtuPonal over-control.

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