New Bloc (NBC)

Digital Assets AI Transaction

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ICO Price
0.151689 USD
0.00087 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
5,680,000 USD
Hard Cap
10,508,000 USD
Start Date
1 September 2018
End Date

What is New Bloc?


On New Bloc (NB) Artificial Intelligence Trading Platform, the users may adopt NBC and artificial trading (AI) trading strategies for long or short sale of digital assets. They may invest in derivatives like digital assets futures and indexes, as well as anchor currencies based on foreign exchanges and precious metals, thereby achieving optimum portfolio. By taking advantage of our internationally-leading AI algorithm, the users may adjust their portfolios in a real-time manner, and realize the optimal balancing between profits and risks.

NB Artificial Intelligence Digital Asset System is designed and developed by experts in AI, block chain and finance from University of Oxford, Tsinghua University, Peking University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Benefiting from the constantly improving portfolios through AI, the Platform assures the stable growth of assets. Beta Version will be launched in the March 2019. Moreover, based on machine learning methods, the Platform is able to discover the characteristics and scenarios of various investment strategies, and make intelligent choices and transactions in the changing market environment.

New Bloc uses part of its digital assets gained from the issuing of NBCs for New Bloc Fund. New Bloc Fund focuses on the investment of the primary market, making the digital asset transactions market more complete with more standard operations, more diverse financial products as well as derivatives of hedging risks, healthier trusteeship mechanism and auditing mechanism, and safer and quicker transactions, ensuring the healthy development of the digital asset transactions market.

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