Next Generation of Advertising

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What is NXAD?

Digital online advertising is one of the major industries of today. Unfortunately, it is heavily centralized and leaves most commissions in the pockets of a few corporate giants. NXAD is a revolutionary approach to how content is spread online and shifts profits from corporate giants back to the people. The main idea behind NXAD is to give people a way to monetize their own personal network on messengers, social and professional platforms, own websites, etc. without intermediaries. We call these people the “link sharers”, as they share X-ADs on their own accounts on social networks, messengers, blogs, own websites, etc. X-ADs are a new form of Ad that contain a link to content to be advertised and an “Ad Reward” filled with native NXA tokens to be claimed by the community. Link sharers can browse through a pool of X-ADs and earn NXA tokens from the Ad Reward when they share an X-AD (via their personal sharing link) and their followers click on it. At no point will NXAD collect personal data from users without legal permission or their consent.

This revolution is made possible by one of the greatest computational infrastructure projects of the century – the blockchain. The native NXA token will allow advertisers and link sharers to avoid excessive transaction 1 fees and will rally a vibrant community around NXAD. The concept of NXAD is easy to understand for anyone. We strive for radical transparency with no hidden fees. We believe that this unique community will be the counterweight to the corporate giants of today that control digital online advertising.

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