One Share (ONE)

Token to Share Success

Review Score
ICO Price
0.04 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
Pre ICO Start Date
15 September 2018
Pre ICO End Date
29 September 2018
Start Date
5 October 2018
End Date
19 November 2018

What is One Share?

ONE SHARE is a token to share success. It will develop the most decentralized DApp voting platform in blockchain, game change on how to conduct surveys, polls and online voting with security and credibility in a decentralized manner. ONE SHARE also vision to modify how ICOs commonly works. The holder of ONE SHARE (a shareholder) has power in all decisions related to the fund raised with the public offering, also has a claim to a part of our corporation’s earnings. In other words, the shareholder is an owner of our Enterprise Business. The Ownership is determined by the number of shares (ONE SHARE tokens being held in a private wallet) a person owns relative to the number of outstanding Total Supply of the token. The main stakeholders are large multinational corporations that often need to decide on important strategic matters between partners and shareholders around the world. Stakeholders are also opinion pollsters and surveys that suffer from the lack of credibility of online polls.

Develop an advanced decentralized platform for decision-making and voting based in Blockchain. Run an ICO for distribution of ONE SHARE Tokens through a Ethereum Smart Ecosystem Contract to raise the largest mutual investment fund in cryptocurrencies. The entire resource collected will form a mutual fund called ONE FUND that will be managed by shared decisions of founders and investors, to the benefit all SHAREHOLDERS of ONE SHARE Tokens. The Foundation to be created to manage the fund will be totally decentralized and the decisions of the company decided by the investors by voting.

On the First phase of the project, ICO investors will receive the correspondent of ONE SHARE Tokens according to the amount invested and also rights of share of the ONE FUND realized gains and rights for voting in the decisions of the Foundation.

To the second phase of the project, investors are required to HOLD ONE SHARE Token in order to be able to participare in the share of the gains. The fund will be applied many profitable projects, in crypto securities (ALTCoins), third parties DAPPs projects, a rebuy program of One SHARE Token, a fund to list ONE SHARE Token in as many exchanges as possible and anything the investors decide in the crypto/blockchain spectrum. The central purpose is to share the decision and share the profits, it is mean, share the success of the investments with the SHAREHOLDERS of ONE SHARE toekn and at same time, make the fund to grow.

llowing a comprehensive planning, ONE SHARE aims to create an advanced Dapp voting platform in blockchain to share decisions with shareholders. The idea is to develop a platform or mainnet with the use of blockchain technology to create a reliable decentralized voting system for multiple purposes. This decentralized platform will be our most important project to be developed, easily accessible and may in the future be used by any group, company, foundation, who wish conducting searches, inquiry, study, polls by voting in a secure blockchain environment.

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