OpenBrix (BRIX)

A Simple Open Network Available to Every One

Review Score
ICO Price
0.001 BRIX
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
70,000 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
8 July 2018
Pre ICO End Date
31 August 2018
Start Date
1 September 2018
End Date
1 December 2018

What is OpenBrix?


OpenBrix will be the first blockchain powered decentralised property portal in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia, that will be fully open and inclusive to everyone.

OpenBrix™ will be a decentralised network that connects all key players in the property letting and sales market on a single network.

By creating a decentralised network there will be no single owner who controls the money, data or rules of the network. Everything will be community-run and done for the benefit of the community. It will be the true democratisation of the property rental and sales market.

Our Vision
Simple network with true disinter-mediation for the property market.
OpenBrix will help fully realise the dream of disinter-mediation that the ‘.com’ generation promised but did not deliver.

OpenBrix will create a property network, which is open to everyone.

Our Solution
A simple platform where all members of the network can transact and communicate without inter-mediation.
Simple Solution.

Decentralise the platform, decentralise the power.

OpenBrix will simply provide a platform which will be easily accessed through our DApp. The platform will allow all members of our network, which will include, Property Owners, Property Managers, Estates Agents and of course our Customers, to transact and communicate without inter-mediation.

OpenBrix will not be involved in the securitisation of security deposits, nor will we aim to build properties for investment purposes.

Simple Business Model

Annual Fee
OpenBrix will charge an annual fee to ensure that each member of the network is paying towards the maintenance of the network.

A reserve of tokens (BRIX) will be held which will be sold over time to help fund ongoing developments.

As the number of tokens held in reserve is reduced, the number of members will increase, meaning eventually the platform will be self sustained through annual fees and other non token income streams.

Property Insights
With Blockchain technology a large volume of data is created, at rates we’ve never seen before.

OpenBrix Insight center will harness the power of this data to produce insights and reports, which can be sold to property professionals, as agreed by our community.

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