Origin Foundation (ORIGIN)

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ICO Price
0.018 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
16,500,000 USD
Start Date
7 May 2019
End Date
3 June 2019

What is Origin Foundation?

It has been estimated that worldwide counterfeiting costs companies US$ 1.8 trillion every year, and this figure shows increment year by year. This paper presents the idea of solving the industries’ #1 counterfeit problem with ORIGIN Foundation a global alliance initiatives bringing all brand owners, retail channels and customers together in an effort to solve this once and for all.

For brand owners, products will be traced from manufacturer, warehouse to distribution channel, retailers and finally to the hands of the consumer with our proprietary low cost difficult to duplicate product tracking labels which is build on top of the blockchain technology. This will ensure the entire product route history from the manufacturer to the end customer are well recorded in an immutable blockchain database for easy accessibility. Any attempt to temper the records are near impossible. This will ensure the product genuity and sustain the brand’s integrity.

For customers, ORIGIN Foundation offers all its members a 2 Tiers product verification process to ensure the products that they purchased are 100% genuine and without any tempering. Product details, seller, ownership records, product maintenance history as well as change of ownership will be well recorded onto the ORIGIN Foundation blockchain database. In return the customers will be rewarded with ORIGIN Coins which will be traded on major crypto exchanges.

For secondary market and second hand market, ORIGIN Foundation offer customers the ability to revalue and resell their products by way of asset tokenization. With asset tokenization on smart contracts, any products can be fractionally owned by several owners at any time. This allows the owner to share the asset or trade it at higher price.

It goes beyond simply explaining the vision. You will learn all about the proprietary technological solutions of ORIGIN Foundation, our partnerships, business model, and how you can participate in the ORIGIN revolution. You are sincerely invited to join our alliance at www.Origin.Foundation. The revolution is already starting, let’s play your part!

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