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The Decentralized News Source

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15 July 2018
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30 September 2018

What is Origin Reporting?

A decentralized News Media and Financial News platform powered by the people. The news reporting industry is stagnant in its ability to provide consumers with unbiased, uninfluenced, fact-driven reporting. Here at Origin Reporting, we are striving to change that, to shake up the news industry and provide an innovative way to approach worldwide news.

Every action within the platform will result in users earning Origins! Content Creators will be rewarded Origins to produce unbiased, factual news. Content Consumers will earn Origins to rate and comment on the articles. To ensure that platforms content is in alignment with the mission, Independent Reviewers will verify uploaded news content.

Just by using our platform your device will mine cryptocurrency and you will earn Origins as a reward for participating in this feature.

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