ORIS.SPACE is more than just a platform for organizing prediction markets, social research and gaming algorithms.

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ICO Price
0.174355 USD
0.001 ETH
Pre ICO Price
0.139484 USD
0.0008 ETH
Soft Cap
30000 ETH
Hard Cap
72500 ETH
Start Date
28 October 2017
End Date
7 July 2018

What is ORIS.Space?

Nowadays the fact that all the goods and services that are produced are consumed by PEOPLE are almost totally ignored. All existing relationships in the world can becharacterized as «PERSON: CONSUMER», when this relationship should be «PERSON:VALUE». Solving this very problem is the main task of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization ORIS.SPACE (hereafter DAO.ORIS.SPACE).DAO.ORIS.SPACE brings together members of the ORIS.SPACE platform, and it con – ducts mass crowdsale.

The ORIS.SPACE project is the latest revolution. It is comparable in scale to the appearance of the Internet or of blockchain technology. The foundation of the ORIS.SPACE project is an intuitive forecasting system: the ORIS mobile app, in which existing and well-known components are have been combined into a new configuration. The result is a unique technique for accessing the human subconscious, which is used to create
reliable, relevant, and easily verified profiles of people.

These profiles form the basis of the PERSON: VALUE ideology.

At present, all of the services that allow people to create personal profiles use the entered information for self-interested reasons (promoting various information, covert and overt advertising, etc.) without informing the owner of the profile.
The ORIS.SPACE project, thanks to its promotion through the ORIS mobile app, is the first to give profile owners the ability to make money themselves from their profiles by answering questions from various market research organizations and opinion polls.

They can also take advantage of a range of other services, from forecast exchanges and bookmaking offices to questions drawn from everyday life.

The funds raised through the crowdsale will provide funding for the ORIS.SPACE project, and will be held in the reserve of the smart contract that controls the issuing of the ORGON token.

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