Paple (PAP)

PAPLE – Blockchain Platform For Organic Way of Life.

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0.45 USD
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0.45 USD
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Pre ICO Start Date
5 September 2018
Pre ICO End Date
15 November 2018
Start Date
20 October 2018
End Date
31 March 2019

What is Paple?


The PAPLE Platform takes an initiative against food adulteration thus promoting organic food and dairy farms. We strive to provide healthy food for a healthy society Through our PAPLE services, we plan to create transparency along with simplifying the process of supply chain management for farmers, retailers, and consumers. We seek to provide an easy-to-use system for integrating all the facets of farm related supply chain management—including: farm products, food for the animals, machinery, warehouse leasing, storage and a streamlined process that will make farming more efficient. We only work with farms that meet high standards of ethical treatment of animals, and we use a community system to reward farms that keep higher standards. Additionally, if a farm wants to join the PAPLE community, but is not operating at a high enough level in terms of their sustainability, organic status, or animal treatment, PAPLE will work with that farm to show them how they can do better and save costs at the same time. Streamlined efficiency in the organic agriculture markets equates to optimally sourced organic products, safer treatment of animals, and increased profits for the producers, retailers and transporters. We maximize profit by decreasing the rate of food waste and loss.

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