Utilizing the Blockchain to Power the Future of Trade Finance

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ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
10000000 USD
Start Date
23 December 2022
End Date
30 June 2023

What is PBM Coin?

PBM Coin (PBMC) endeavors to shape the future of business transactions with blockchain technology, and the PBM Coin token will serve as the native token of the ecosystem introduced by the team to create a transparent and efficient economy while providing investment opportunities to all users.

PBM Coin aims to bridge the gap between merchants, suppliers, and lenders in trade finance by bypassing the intermediaries within the system and providing businesses with a game-changing platform that rides on blockchain technology to eliminate the element of “trust” issues, provide more cost-effective solutions, and reduce the funding gaps and issues that many businesses around the world face currently.

In addition, PBM Coin will act as a utility token for parties transacting on the platform, facilitate any payment made since the distributed network records and tracks all transaction history, facilitate seamless trading and transactions between different parties without having to be concerned about the non-fulfilment of counterparty obligations, and provide protocol incentivization by enabling users to earn rewards from time to time in the form of airdrops.

The platform’s infrastructure is built to streamline and automate trade financing by leveraging blockchain technology to process transactions. The platform supports the tracking of all transactions, including all payments and deposits made by the supplier and buyer towards the purchase of goods and services.

All financing and exchanges on the platform are tracked in a timely manner, allowing the users to send and receive payments without any inconvenience that may arise from lag time, ensuring a smooth user experience for all parties. This includes keeping track of the amounts due to the lender at every stage.

PBM Coin (PBMC) is a member of the PBM Investor Services group of companies. PBM Investor Services Ltd. is an asset management company that manages private equity funds and provides asset management and investment advisory services. It has an asset management account with Binance, which acts as the custodian for PBMC. Effective February 1, 2023, PBMC token sales exceeding 2,000 will be transferred to the asset management account with Binance.

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