peaq (PEAQ)

Powering A Global Infrastructure Revolution

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ICO Price
0.079274 USD
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Soft Cap
Hard Cap
19980000 USD
Start Date
9 May 2024
End Date
16 May 2024

What is peaq?

peaq is a multi-chain layer one blockchain purposely built and optimized for DePIN and Machine RWA. The network is capable of scaling beyond 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) (pending upgrade) while maintaining a minimum transaction cost of approximately $0.00025. peaq leverages the most environmentally friendly blockchain architecture available and the second-largest developer ecosystem in Web3.

peaq supports ink! (Rust) and EVM Smart Contracts and pallets, offering builders flexibility and convenience. The network provides a wide array of ready-to-use Modular DePIN Functions that equip DePINs and dApps with essential core functionalities, these include; Self-Sovereign Machine IDs, role-based access control, data verification, seamless machine payment processing, data storage, data indexing, autonomous AI agents, and more. The functions are available via the peaq SDK in JavaScript, allowing developers to deploy them with 15 lines of code.

peaq enables seamless interaction with Polkadot, cross-chain machine IDs with Cosmos, Solana, and Binance, and bridges to Ethereum. peaq is EVM-compatible and is birdged to 30+ blockchains via Wormhole. peaq rewards machines and DePIN builders that connect, contribute, and generate transactions on the network, fostering a decentralized positive-sum economy that works for the world.

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