Pirates Plunder (PIRATE)

One of the Most Addictive P2E’s All Year

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0.00000016 USD
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Start Date
12 December 2022
End Date
15 December 2022

What is Pirates Plunder?

Ahoy, ye scurvy sea dogs! Gather round and set sail on an epic adventure to discover hidden treasures and uncover the mystery of the missing $PIRATES.

Pirates Plunder V2 is a story-based game that puts you in control of a pirate ship on a quest to find the remaining unfound $PIRATES. You’ll need to sail around the world, collect coins, battle other pirates and solve puzzles to gain access to the secret locations where the lost $PIRATES is hidden.

Your pirate crew will consist of a captain, a navigator, a gunner, a shipwright and a lookout. You’ll need to make sure that each of these roles is filled, so that your ship can sail safely and your crew can battle any enemies you encounter.

You’ll also need to manage your ship’s resources, such as food, water and fuel, in order to survive the long journey. Along the way, you’ll find coins hidden in various locations, which you can use to purchase upgrades for your ship and crew.

If you’re brave enough, you might even encounter the mysterious Kraken, a legendary sea monster that guards the unseen $PIRATES.

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