Plair (PLA)

Video Gamers Blockchain Based O2O Ecosystem

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ICO Price
0.0012 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
30,000,000 USD
Start Date
25 May 2018
End Date
8 June 2018

What is Plair?


Plair is a video-gamer-focused public blockchain platform built to serve and improve the gaming experience and lifestyle. We intend to establish and grow a community space where gamers can not only engage with one another through on- and offline events and tournaments, but where they will have access to tools that will allow them to earn a sustainable living and forge a career path in video game play. The Plair platform will reward
and empower every member of the video gaming community, both socially and financially.

On the surface, video games and athletic sports may seem like social opposites, but these two communities both share otherwise immeasurable enthusiasm, passion, and dedication from those who consider themselves active participants of either lifestyle. However, while athletes have many opportunities to establish careers through their talents, engage with likeminded fans, and experience a far-reaching sense of community, the video gaming industry falls distinctly short in these areas.

This disconnect is what Plair aims to solve, by leveraging innovative distributed technology to create a platform that delivers tools for community engagement and professional development for gamers. Plair will be the gamer’s best friend and an essential part of enjoying video games to the fullest.

The Plair vision is to promote and facilitate the gamer–and therefore the Plair-lifestyle and community through on- and offline products and events. With Plair, gamers will reap the  benefits that sports fans and athletes already experience: accessible venues for playing, spectating, and discussing the games they love.

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