Plastik (PLASTIK)

The BRIDGE between Single-Use Plastic producers and recyclers

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0.024 USD
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2000000 USD
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Start Date
31 October 2021
End Date
15 November 2021

What is Plastik?


Plastiks is the BRIDGE between Single-Use Plastic producers and recyclers. Enabling and facilitating Single-Use Packaging (SUP) producers and recyclers to connect to guarantee that the production of plastic will not end up in the environment.

What is Plastiks ?
The Plastiks platform will provide a smart contract approach to a marketplace where single use package producers and waste recovery and recycling companies can come together to acquire and sell plastic disposal guarantees according to the type of Single-Use Packaging.
Eventually, the Plastiks Platform will become the WORLD’s Leading Plastic Recovered Guarantee Market.
The role of the Plastiks platform is to be a blockchain powered marketplace to bridge the gap between Single-Use Packaging Producers, Waste Recovery and Recycling Companies and Consumers.

Recovery and recycling
As consumers and companies are the drivers of sustainability, tracking and monetizing Single-Use Packaging, recovery and recycling can enable consumers and companies to engage in sustainable production and consumption.
Plastiks is developing and deploying a marketplace powered by Nozama Technology where Single-Use Packaging (SUP) producers and recyclers can create the connection between plastic production, commercialization and recycling process to guarantee that plastic will not end up in the environment.

Single-Use Packaging
It is a blockchain-based platform exclusively run by the Plastiks token whose objective is to track and create accountability for Single-Use Packaging production and consumption. The token will be used exclusively to unlock the platform’s utility.The platform will enable producers and recyclers to come together on a marketplace to mint, acquire and sell plastic guarantees similar to NFTsThe minted SUP guarantees are proof of recycled materials and proof of sustainability for plastic producers.

The progressive reduction
This enables both to prove their effort for a sustainable future and allows them to use this for marketing purposes to clearly show the progressive reduction in their global SUP/Kg Impact.

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