PlayCoin (PLY)

PlayCoin was established to innovate the structures of monopolized gaming and digital marketing industry.

Review Score
ICO Price
0.33 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.33 USD
Soft Cap
10,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
33,000,000 USD
Start Date
15 February 2018
End Date
24 March 2018

What is PlayCoin?

GameHub is an online gaming ecosystem that aims to disrupt traditional online gaming monopolies by applying blockchain technology to streamline mobile game downloads and digital marketing to eliminate middlemen. GameHub has created PlayCoin as a new cryptocurrency to use as digital currency within the GameHub ecosystem helping both game developers and online influencers to earn more profits and create amore fair and competitive environment.

Currently, a few big players like the Google Play App Store and Tencent have monopolies on game downloads and charge 30-80% commissions to game developers for these downloads. In Southeast Asia, additional profits for game developers are eroded by low credit card penetration rates and reliance on gaming gift and prepaid cards for game downloads who also charge between 40-65% in commission fees (as opposed to credit cards that generally have a 3% fee). This means nobody but the largest of game developers have enough profit left to advertise and promote their game(s). GameHub will provide an alternative game download platform with lower commissions as well as provide online Influencers to promote mobile games through performance-based Smart Contracts.

In the online digital marketing industry, Wanghongs and KOLs have emerged as the most effective proven models for ROI for advertisers. The MNCs, media platforms, and streaming sites have been quick to monetize and monopolize by signing Wanghongs and KOLs and charging advertisers increasingly high rates while taking up to 70% commission from the influencers. GameHub’s Smart Contracts allow for transparent ROI from social media influencers (Chinese Wanghong and online KOLs) and enables game developers to work directly with these influencers through the PlayCoin Alliance by rewarding them in PlayCoin tokens. This creates more profitability for both game developers as well as the online influencers who are promoting them.

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