PlayTrip (PLTC)

The Digital Storytelling Revolution on Blockchain

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ICO Price
0.052835 USD
0.0003030303 ETH
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0.026417 USD
0.0001515151 ETH
Soft Cap
10,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
14,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
8 October 2018
Pre ICO End Date
14 October 2018
Start Date
30 October 2018
End Date
15 November 2018

What is PlayTrip?


Playtrip is an innovative company that aims to launch into the market a new product based on the user’s experience within a given destination as well as renewing it.

Likewise, it strives to enhance stakeholder’s presence, thanks to an innovative concept related to “digital storytelling”, in order to incentive its sustainable mobility. As a matter of fact, a new publishing level has been created and it seeks to take full advantage from mobile technologies.

To enumerate, the user will be driven by an App that will allow him to follow a plot with fully enriched digital contents, alongside a predefined itinerary, hence to increase his engagement with the destination.

Moreover, the quality of the contents will be ensured by a highly close cooperation between Playtrip and a storytellers’ community, namely professionals.

These stakeholders, through this new job opportunities, will have the opportunity to express themselves and come up again in an effective manner, so to gain visibility and improve customer’s loyalty.

In this manner, there will be always a bigger community which will become the full-fledged heart of Playtrip.


Playtrip provides innovative product that is able to provide a new and more engaging travel experience, based on both visual storytelling and travel storytelling principles, to users (tourists/locals), thereby to further develop areas and its stakeholders’ indirect involvement.

Furthermore, we aim to provide a new narrative multimedia editorial platform able to open new creativity ways for a community of
professionals represented by riters, bloggers, photographers, video makers, namely storytellers.

Moreover, our objective is to provide businesses a new communication and promotion channel able to enhance territory and local businesses, by also developing remote areas that  need to be enhanced.


Playtrip seeks to establish itself as an innovative and dynamic company.

It plans to do so through both geographical and industry-wide expansion as well as an introduction of a new tourism trend, followed
by new channels of communication related to digital storytelling.

Additionally, it wants to do so with particular attention to create high-quality contents aimed at an ever-increasing audience
(individuals, companies, associations, territorial promotion agencies).


Nowadays people who visit destinations need to live an experience with a higher emotional

Because of the digitalisation in progress, the classical publishing industry is decreasing and digital storytellers want to enhance their
work and also monetize it.

Furthermore, the traditional communication channels for local businesses are not 100% effective.


Playtrip is a company related to both digital publishing and tourism fields and intends to enter an emerging market, namely the one related to “enjoyment of digital publishing contents”.

It’s main purpose concerns utilising the enjoyment of cultural contents in the selected destinations towards tourism and publishing market, henceforth establishing itself as innovative meaningful start-up company.

After a careful market analysis, based upon the basis of finding out both direct and indirect market competitors, it has been found a clear lack of significant companies that could potentially directly compete and hinder Playtrip operations, considering the core business of the company.

In fact, Playtrip is creating an innovative product and it is opening to new market perspectives. Furthermore, by analysing potential app users, it’s shown that Playtrip, compared to the competition already established on the market, disposes of wider target which can be segmented in different types and can therefore generate a higher profit.


Playtrip, with regards to the business model, has decided to introduce in the market, based upon proved strategies inspired by established companies, the embracement of a strategy already used by established companies such as Apple, Amazon, E-bay, namely “marketplace”.

The concept is rather straightforward. Simply put, the storytellers are given the opportunity to create personalised/customized stories and upload them on the digital platform.

Thereafter, the contents are closely evaluated and assessed by a storyteller manager (editor manager) according to Playtrip standards displayed on the storytellers’ guide.

Once the approval is given, these are published on the “marketplace” of the mobile app, at a fixed price. The app is available in a free
downloadable fashion, also called “freemium”.

This strategy, from a price point of view, is increasingly used in the context of “mobile apps”  given that is reportedly described as one of the most profitable. In detail, it entails letting the free app to be downloaded and making the travelers pay for purchasing  in-app contents, in this case the stories.

The travelers purchase stories and storytellers earn a percentage to 50% for every story sold.
This economic incentive actively motivates storytellers to produce valuable and rich, content wise, digital stories.
Local businesses can use the solution as a mobile marketing tool in order to effective promote their products and services.

Playtrip’s concept is easily linkable and finds favourable territory in the tourist field and territory enhancement. But this represents just one of the possible fields of application.

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