Praiza (PRZ)

Connection Between Crypto and Real Economy!

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ICO Price
0.009 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
50 BNB
Hard Cap
Start Date
4 September 2023
End Date
8 September 2023

What is Praiza?

The Praiza Project was created with the intention of building a Real Utility Ecosystem based on the founding principles of DeFi. In fact, Decentralized Finance was born with the aim of making it possible for anyone to interact with the dynamics of market without intermediaries.

The objective is therefore to allow more subjects to free themselves from the yoke of the Banks and operate in the markets being able to reliance on the code instead of on man, thus prioritizing the certainty of the operations, the equal treatment between the various players, operational immediacy and accessibility for everyone.

Praiza therefore defines itself as the tool that promotes and makes possible access to the goods and services they represent the satisfaction of man’s primary needs, acting as a point of contact between suppliers and customers, with a view to ecosustainability.

Multiple macro-categories of products and services will provide the opportunity for communities or individuals to create their own own food, energy, economic, housing and security self-sufficiency

We firmly believe in the principles of eco-sustainability and want to be catalysts for the current energy transition, convinced that it constitutes the improvement process to which we are called to guarantee a better future for us and especially to our children.

We represent this epochal challenge as a journey from the Earth to Mars, with the aim of colonizing and terraforming it not only to make it habitable but also to establish the foundations and the complete development of a new civilization.

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