Priceless Object (PO9K)

Registration for World Citizenship

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
3000000 USD
Hard Cap
99900000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
9 December 2018
Pre ICO End Date
19 February 2019
Start Date
19 February 2019
End Date
9 November 2019

What is Priceless Object?

This project is intended for people willing to make changes in our society. The mission of this project is to develop the citizen conscience by stating a Supranation with a global standard where a massive number of people declare themselves as World Citizens and declare their surroundings as Regions of The Supranation. The Priceless Object intends to standardize civic practices rather than cultural heritage. This point is crucial because it makes this proposal far from previous attempts to develop World Citizens. For this purpose, this proposal created a tool named The Trace. The project issues a token named PO9K (cryptocurrency) in accordance with supranational macroeconomic policy. PO9K is unprecedented and it is described in this White Paper. A 30-year lapse is considered for the complete execution of the supranational proposal.

The Priceless Object Manifesto represents a frontal critique of the whole global system and intends to be the trigger of the beginning of a new social, political and economic stage of humanity where humanity will be empowered, however, this empowerment should be synonym of responsibility. This criterion was also developed to create an interactive bridge between citizens, corporations and governments. These interactions will construct a solid economic model and will create value with a unique supranational currency. The Priceless Object Manifesto intends to standardize civic practices rather than cultural heritages.

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