Primas (PST)

Restoring Health to the Internet

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7 August 2017
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26 August 2017

What is Primas?

Primas is an open ecosystem for the consumption, publication, and recommendation of content. This white paper outlines how Primas enables this production and selection of content, making use of blockchain technology, social recommendation and token incentives. The Primas team is committed to using blockchain and other technology to restructure the online content market, so as to solve the problem of quality content being lost, plagiarized or partially reconstructed. The decentralized content sourcing and recommendation mechanisms ensure quality content for users. A brand-new content evaluation system ensures direct benefits to the producers of quality content whilst the inherent tamper-proof properties of blockchain provide copyright protection for the original creators. Finally, the decentralized data storage and management system offers better protection for users’ privacy and security.

The Primas community will be managed by Primas Lab Foundation Ltd. established in Singapore, which as a legal entity, will have full authority over the development, promotion and operation of Primas and take all related responsibilities. To ensure the openness and transparency of the Primas project, Primas intends to set up a decision-making body – the Decisionmaking Committee – to conduct management-related activities. Underneath this committee are the following committees: Product Committee, Technology Committee, Financial and HR Management Committee, and Marketing and Public Relations Committee. The management body will consist of developers and functional committees. The tenure/term for members of the Decisionmaking Committee is two years and the first committee members will include members of the Primas core team, well-known personnel in the Blockchain industry and early-stage investors. Future members of this committee will be chosen by community election.

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