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1 April 2019
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31 May 2019
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1 April 2019
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31 May 2019

What is Projectinitiators?


“Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it”. The ability to tap into talent unbounded by geography is the key reason why online freelancing becomes one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The online freelance market today has become a primary source of income to many skilled professionals and an economically sustainable means of expansion for companies all across the world.

Currently in the USA, freelancers constitute 35% of the total country’s workforce- up to 55 million workers from roughly one fifth of that only 10 years ago.Globally, specialized freelancing in digital services is also seeing immense growth, with online talent platforms expected to contribute $2.75 trillion to the GlobalGDP 2025. Globally, India ranks as the 2nd largest freelance workforce after the US with over 15 million people working independently in various sectors such as IT and programming, finance, sales and marketing, designing, animation, videography, content and academic writing. By 2020, 50% of workers are expectedto go freelance.

Projectinitiators set out to tackle these problems by designing a platform with Quality Control at its heart, ensuring freelancers were able to compete healthily for jobs without risking exploitation and also ensuring every client gets perfect quality for every job posted on the platform.

Today in the age of blockchain technology, we can now decentralize quality control and extend opportunity to users across the world. With the introduction of the newProjectinitiators token(PI), the Projectinitiators platform can scale globally andstill maintain quality by allowing eligible token holders to:

• Participate skill verification and KYC in the recruitment of new freelancers.
• Collaborate more efficiently with semi-automated Project management on the blockchain.
• Earn a share of platform fees by contributing to the growth and sustenance of the platform.

Projectinitiators is our vision for the workplace of the future. One where thesustainable growth, financial inclusion and access to opportunity is driven bythe global community.

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