ProKareX (PKX)

The solution is the decentralized ProKareX Home System.

Review Score
ICO Price
0.05 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.05 USD
Soft Cap
2,500 ETH
Hard Cap
12,500 ETH
Start Date
2 April 2018
End Date
30 June 2018

What is ProKareX?

ProKareX is a decentralized blockchain-based system. Our sensors and cameras, which will be installed in your house, will protect your home from burglaries and if a burglar tries to rob you, the police will be notified immediately but he will not know that there was a signal sent to the police so he will not run and they will easily be able to catch him. The police will temporarily get a live stream from your house so they will know what the burglar is doing and where he is going. After they have caught him, the live stream will stop and they will not be able to access it again unless there was another burglary happening at your house.

If someone in your house experiences a heart attack or a stroke, our system will immediately send a signal to the emergency line in your country and an ambulance will arrive as fast as possible.

Our whole system is waterproof. Sensors and cameras are also dust and moisture proof. This guarantees their precision and accuracy.

People that permanently live in your home like your family will have small bracelets on their wrists that will grant them permission. The bracelets will be used for monitoring your health as well.

If you are inviting guests in your home that do not have bracelets, you can temporarily set the system so it does not detect them as burglars. However, people without bracelets will not get their health monitored and therefore if something happens such as a heart attack or a stroke you will have to tell the system to call an ambulance through a voice command.

The bracelets used for the system permission and health monitoring are FREE. You will tell us how much you need when you are ordering the system.

If you have close friends that come to your house a lot then you can upload a picture of their face to the system and the system will know not to detect them as violators until you remove their face from the system.

If you have a pet or multiple pets in your house then we will give you a special collar to put on him so the system detects him separately and makes no false signals. That way the pet will be able to roam freely around the house without any problems. The collars will also allow the system to monitor their health and you will be able to see it on the mobile application.

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