Quantum Gold (QTG)

We aspire to be a well-received cryptocurrency backed by gold, with unlimited growth potential, bringing green and technology to the gold mining industry.

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What is Quantum Gold?

Quantum Gold Token (QTG Token) is a cryptocurrency running on Ethereum platform. It is backed by our physical gold reserve and forthcoming production of gold metal from selected gold mines. With its blockchain technology, QTG will enable transparency and trusted P2P exchanges, hence revolutionizing the eco-system in gold related businesses, from mining, production management, to exchange and storage.

The cryptocurrency is backed by Real 999 Gold Reserve (RGR) and Growing Token Reserve (GTR). It operates an end-to-end ecosystem that ensures continuous cycle for fuelling the growth and long-term benefits of QTG Token owners. Our ecosystem and cycle operate as follows:

For each QTG Token sold, half of the proceeds, net of expenses, from token sales will be allocated to purchase physical 999 gold and be stored in Real Gold Reserve (RGR). Remaining half of the proceeds will be stored in Growing Token Reserve (GTR), which will invest in selected gold mines; whereby, every year in return, an agreed portion of gold production from the mines will go to the Real Gold Reserve (RGR).
In every calendar year QTG will liquidate up to 10% of the total RGR to purchase (buy back) QTG Tokens from open 3rd party exchanges. For the QTG Tokens purchased, net of expenses, will be added back to the Growing Token Reserve (GTR), which will harvest other new mines in next years to come.
Upon meeting predefined conditions in the DAO model, QTG Tokens in the GTR will be mobilized to facilitate a new Token Sales cycle targeting private professional investors. Proceeds from token sales will go through another cycle as outlined in (1). This cycle will continue and fuel the ecosystem of QTG Tokens. These mechanisms will be handled and managed through a blockchained and DAO model.
Upon fulfillment of the total token sales target (120,000,000 QTG tokens) and meeting predefined conditions in the DAO model, the foundation may issue new tokens to acquire selected gold mines. This ongoing approach will fuel token value by new quality assets, and with that we could then decide the phasing and pacing to surface gold underground.
The foundation will proactively invite mine companies which prefer to keep control of their shares to launch independent token sales program on the QTG Blockchain. This in return enriches the QTG ecosystem and creates extra demand for QTG tokens.
QTG Token offers token owners the intrinsic upside growth potential prominently created in the cryptocurrency market. The downside risk is limited and minimized, with its value backed by physical gold reserve, the buyback policy and forthcoming gold production from selected mines.

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