QuantumHeart (QTH)

Bringing the Future to You

Review Score
ICO Price
0.075 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.045 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
4237500 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
14 March 2022
Pre ICO End Date
14 April 2022
Start Date
15 April 2022
End Date
15 May 2022

What is QuantumHeart?


Metaquantum aims to offer a decentralized web 3.0 ecosystem that offers more benefits to users by introducing its own token called Quantum Heart and which will be very useful in the project. This is because the MetaQuantum 3.0 ecosystem will offer several components, including an NFT marketplace, where users will be able to buy or sell digital art, but also a platform called Marketplace 3.0 where real goods can be traded using cryptocurrencies.

MetaQuantum will also offer a DEFI component, even introducing a staking system, but probably the most impressive area will be QuantumLand, a metaverse world where users will have the freedom to do absolutely everything they want and even build buildings such as social clubs, museums and more.

Metaquantum wants to introduce an application through which anyone can scan real objects such as real estate, cars and so on that can then be generated in the virtual world. And in this way, users will be able to benefit from the advantages that this platform offers and will have the opportunity to interact with certain objects listed in this place, using either VR technology, a smartphone or your computer. Metaquantum aims to launch a revolutionary ecosystem that will attract more users to the world of metaverse, as well as that of digital objects, giving them the opportunity to trade the desired items while having privacy, autonomy and security.

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