Quark.Market (QRM)

Integrated “Dark Pool” Technology

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ICO Price
0.0000418 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
2,000 ETH
Hard Cap
20,000 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
1 August 2018
Pre ICO End Date
30 October 2018
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What is Quark.Market?

The ways in which economies function are changing as a result of new digital industries, their products, and, impact on our daily lives. The rapid growth of cryptology has exposed a number of minfrastructure problems within the crypto marketplace:

  • Booked orders on exchanges are visible for all to see, which means that large orders (even before execution) have a market impact.
  • More than 200 exchanges operating independently of each other result in fragmented liquidity.
  • This point worsens the previous problem.
  • An overwhelming majority of crypto exchanges are centralized (need to deposit funds on the accounts of exchanges). The result is high commission fees and an unacceptable risk to the traders’ funds from hackers.

We at Quark.Market have designed a platform that can offer solutions to these problems, which reside in the following five points that distinguish Quark.Market from other operating vehicles:

  • Integrated “Dark Pool” technology, which allows to eliminate the market impact of big orders.
  • Quark.Market is the platform that has the technology to trade across different blockcains (cross-chain trading). The QRM token will be used as gas for all cross-chain transactions. As such, QRM Token holders have the ability to take advantage of lease technology to create a steady income stream off their QRM holdings.
  • Decentralized p2p transactions executed and guaranteed by automatically generated smart contracts.
  • Ability to get actual rates with exchanges API’s and Oracles.
  • Our matching engine is off-chain, but all transactions are settled on-chain. This architecture allows book/remove orders to be settled fast with absolute transparency and safety, while creating liquidity.

These points will allow to Quark.Market create a hub of liquidity for the whole crypto market and to generate a multibillion platform turnover.

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