R3S (R3S)

Complete Paradigm Shift in Cybersecurity

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Soft Cap
9 000 000 USD
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30 000 000 USD
Start Date
3 April 2018
End Date
30 April 2018

What is R3S?


R3Sec is a next-generation cybersecurity solution utilising a moving target defense technology (“MTD”) concept. R3Sec stands for Restoration, Resilience, Recovery and Security. Our MTD technology will allow for a paradigm shift in the way we fight cybersecurity threats. This Executive Summary introduces the R3Sec technology and how our upcoming products and services will provide a more resilient and secure digital realm.

Cybersecurity threats and intrusions are a global problem that feature significantly in everyday media, politics, business and even the private lives of individuals. By 2021, cybersecurity breaches are estimated to result in costs over $6 trillion in costs, up from $3 trillion in 2015. Spending on cybersecurity protection is expected to grow by 12 to 15% per year with global accumulated expenditure exceeding $1 trillion in the coming 5 years. In 2017 the average cost of breach for a company was $3 million. The new technologies within the decentralized economies and systems, the API economy and Internet of Things (IoT) need also to be prepared for the increasing dangers of cyber threats.

One of the reasons for the current state of dilemma is that most applications, such as data access portals, internet of things (IoT) appliances, systems, servers, and so on, are still built on highly stationary infrastructure, even when cloud-based. This offers hackers and intruders an increasing amount of time to learn and succeed in understanding their target, identify possible security weaknesses and to exploit the system whilst going undetected. Intruders typically breach systems for an average of about 100 days before being detected. Cybersecurity is often a highly reactive process, with defense always lagging new methods of intrusion; and with an anticipated shortfall of 3.5 million cybersecurity staff needed to meet threat levels by 2021, this is a pressing issue on a personal, business and greater economic level.

Our mission at R3Sec is to provide a paradigm shift in how we fight cyber security threats. We thereby endow systems with more resilient qualities, giving them the capability of fast recovery from any issues that might cause applications and systems security breaches and downtime. How is this done? Our Moving Target Defence (MTD) technology places systems, such as servers, applications, services, APIs, IoT services and appliances (“Systems”) into several identical holographic/virtual instances. These are then put into a constant state of virtual rotation where some are active and some are inactive. Every minute, the active instance (such as a website or server) is replaced with a clean instance (of that website or server) while the initial instance is inactivated, wiped and reset into clean state by our self-cleansing technology. So due to the constant rotation of instances, the system becomes highly resilient against potential security breaches and downtime (ie. DDoS attacks, website defacement, nuke attacks, wrong patching, etc) as damaged or troubled Systems are constantly being replaced with a functioning instance. In addition, inactive instances can be scanned for abnormal changes to more easily detect potential or attempted breaches. While this method and technology will not stop targeted attacks from being attempted, it can drastically minimize the time any introducers can actively be doing damage within a System such that they ought not have enough time to achieve their goals before the System is rotated to safety. It thereby lowers the cost and time of fighting intrusion whilst making it exponentially more difficult for intruders to succeed. So, it provides a complete change of game: we provide a powerful, proactive cyber-resiliency solution for the web, applications, cyber world, services, APIs, IoT and corporate world. R3Sec is adding a new (r)evolutionary concept into cyber security world.

Does this sound too simple to be true? It certainly is easier said than done. Reality is that our Moving Target Defense Technology is inspired by previous, very expensive high-tech R&D projects delivered together with universities by members of the R3Sec founding team for government and military customers over

the past six years. After having been tested and optimized as a proof-of-concept, we have now newly designed a system that makes us capable of delivering a solution at a cost that is actually affordable by the general and larger public independent to decentralized cloud solution providers. This is where we would need your support.

The reward for contributors to our utility token during the ICO lies in graded discounts relative to the intended price of purchasing the product once it publicly made available. Each token will entitle the holder the following:

Certain number of rotations on our MTD on a massively discounted price in terms of cloud hosting
Take part of the ecosystem and earn rewards for validation threat intelligence transactions
The only way to do MTD on decentralised hosting is through tokens

Team and Advisors. Our management team consists of serial entrepreneurs within the space of IT Security and Cloud Solutions. They have successfully built and executed several companies since the turn of the decade while also holding important and relevant positions in large corporations such as LogMeIn and Google. Together with the COO/CFO we have successfully funded over 25 companies, exited more than 7 companies, and helped to raise more than $50m in capital while building company value exceeding $200m in the last 15 years. Combined that is +40 years of company building, +50 years of engineering experience and +25 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. This project is hence a natural progression of previous collaborations amongst the team that now share the vision to build an even more ambitious solution to one of the most ailing issues of today’s ever-connected world.

In addition, R3Sec has gained the support from a handful of advisors, consisting of renowned experts from the field of IT architecture, IT Services, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the IoT Sector, plus serial entrepreneurs, investors and experienced mentors of early stage and growth companies. These will all help to provide industry insights, networks to customers & partners as well as sound experience to accelerate our development.

Follow us on this journey and be an early adopter of this game-changing technology that will help prevent cyber-attacks and create a more resilient and secure digital realm.

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