Re:Factor (REFT)

New Asset In Global Crypto Economy

Review Score
ICO Price
0.026824 USD
0.0001538461 ETH
Pre ICO Price
0.019869 USD
0.0001139601 ETH
Soft Cap
5,000 ETH
Hard Cap
100,000 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
8 July 2018
Pre ICO End Date
12 August 2018
Start Date
18 September 2018
End Date
18 December 2018

What is Re:Factor?

re:factor financial group is a transnational corporation and a global ecosystem under creation, the uniqueness of which lies in the competencies of team members who are internationally recognized professionals in the factoring industry. Technological platform re:factor is based on the public blockchain Ethereum. The platform enables all parties in interest to carry out large-scale effective operations having trade receivables worldwide.

The re:factor system can be described as 4D Factoring, because on the platform, you can:

  • sell
  • buy
  • pledge
  • transfer intrust trade receivables

On the re:factor platform:

  • buyers and sellers conduct factoring operations and work with accounts receivable online, without intermediaries, with no reference to a specific country or to a bank, while maintaining maximum transparency and security in all operations.
  • is a complete replacement of paper documents to electronic document circulation;
  • clients and debtors receive three main benefits: tangible improvement in terms of funding; a decrease in the cost of paperwork and storage of documents; protection of information.

The first benefit is reduction of time from delivery of the goods to obtaining financing. Often this can take days to put in place; with the re:factor platform the payment is effected within a few hours of the goods being confirmed as received by the buyer.

The second benefit of re:factor is saving money on record keeping and storage of documents. Such costs are rarely taken into account in a company but in fact are a tangible expenditure. By way of example, one major retailer, after considering the costs of paper documents circulation and contrasted the cost of the electronic documents circulation, even taking into account the creation 5 of an Internet platform of exchange of documents with suppliers, has moved to electronic documents, reducing expenses on a single document of A4 size by more than 60%.

One of the key benefits of re:factor is providing 100% protection of information storage on executed operations, through the use of blockchain technologies. For investors this gives protection of their interests on the platform, due to the decentralized data storage system that makes it possible to avoid fraudulent actions on behalf of all parties to the transaction, and further falsification of information; for suppliers and buyers it is ability to store and learn from the results of their transactions, to form their own large-scale statistics for the re:factor platform to further improve the model of evaluation and analysis of counterparties and transactions.

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