Reflexion Lounge (XRLO)

The World’s first Digital Currency Designed for LaaL Community

Review Score
ICO Price
0.052306 USD
0.0003 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
5,000 ETH
Hard Cap
75,000 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
15 September 2019
Pre ICO End Date
15 October 2019
Start Date
28 October 2019
End Date
28 November 2019

What is Reflexion Lounge?

Reflexion lounge is a restaurant and lounge business establishment that provides customers with a beautiful treat and an inclusive experience. We bring the essence of unity in community. It is a waterfront café, restaurant and waterpipe lounge with a luxury glass-fronted waterside view.

The societal shift from alcoholic drinks to a more mindful and sober lifestyle has dramatically impacted and helped in the success of our business. Through its recent Community Outreach Program, Reflexion Lounge is preparing to become a leading brand in the restaurant and lounge market around the world. This paper explains and informs you about the plans and goals of the management of Reflexion Lounge and how we intend to take over the more significant percentage of customers in the restaurant and lounge business. This is not just in the United Kingdom but across the globe. At the moment, Reflexion Lounge gets customers flying from the Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and Australia to enjoy this fantastic service. The statement as mentioned earlier reiterates the fact that the customer base of Reflexion Lounge is growing exponentially. With the expansion plan currently taking place at Reflexion Lounge, there is no doubt that the business is geared for greatness and success. At Reflexion Lounge, we believe that most successful and prestigious restaurants and lounges around the world attained such stature as a result of their quality and affectionate service delivery. It is for this reason that

Reflexion Lounge management team is very critical about their service delivery to customers. Reflexion Lounge is currently serving over 15 nationalities, and a broad clientele base. Hence, our mission is limitless. The management is fast strategizing to develop more outlets, avenues and branches to ensure that Reflexion Lounge is a global brand.

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