Routecoin (Routecoin)

Future of Communications

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2 September 2018
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25 October 2018

What is Routecoin?


By utilizing WiFiNewAge on your mobile phone or laptop, you can connect to the Internet through password-enabled WiFi networks shared in the ROUTEcoin community. WiFiNewAge pays the Internet access fee to the WiFi owner through ROUTEcoin tokens.

​Access to the Internet

Simply register your smart phone, laptop or any other wireless gadget with our WiFiNewAge application to gain a “nearly anywhere and everywhere” access to the Internet. We will connect you automatically at a reasonable cost to all our registered WiFi networks.

We provide you with Internet access through our ultra-competitive rate plans. For example, when traveling to different cities or countries, you would not need to purchase expensive data plans from local cellular service providers. Our WiFiNewAge application will detect your location and connect you with our nearest WiFi hotspot for either free or low cost Internet access.

Low-cost Internet Access

You will no longer need to worry about purchasing expensive data plans from local cellular service providers. Our WiFiNewAge application will locate the lowest priced Internet access for you. The free WiFi credit you will have earned from sharing your home WiFi network can be used to access the Internet at no additional cost when you travel to different cities or countries.

​Earn WiFi Credit

Register your household WiFi network with our WiFiNewAge community and earn free WiFi credit by sharing your Internet WiFi’s free time with other users.

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