Our main goal is to create enhanced protection for messaging that works with email protocols that guarantees data protection.

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1 May 2018
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14 June 2018
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15 June 2018
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30 June 2018

What is

Email is a traditional method of communicating on the internet. The earliest version of email was created in 1971, and it has practically not changed since then. Although modern email systems handle their core task of communication between people perfectly well, its standards fail to take into account the security of the correspondence and the personal data of its participants.

All popular providers deliver mails to their servers via an encrypted transport channel but store everything on servers which can be accessed by administrators, algorithms that scan messages to display advertising, and hackers. The situation is the same with cloud data storage providers. For the sake of convenience, users all over the world upload personal photos and sensitive documents to cloud storage with risk of exposure.

PGP, one of the well-known encryption algorithms have some disadvantages. First; they require installing additional software. Second; the open keys may be compromised during exchange. Third; the package-oriented structure of PGP makes data streaming somewhat complicated.

From our point of view, the ideal electronic correspondence system must have the following requirements to meet today’s challenging needs for security:

1. Decentralized (Without any central authority / management like Blockchain);
2. Self-manageable (manages itself without the need for central authority /management);
3. Self-reliant (Rely on itself using advance algorithm)

Modern secure encryption algorithms support the devices you are using today which are equipped with processing power to use on-fly encryption. We deploy blockchain technology into our solutions, which will allow us to enable user identification for creating a secured distributed, autonomous and self-regulating system that will enable you to access your email anytime and anywhere.

Unfortunately, there are no products possess any of those requirements. We implement the requirements into a working product which has been adopted and in use by thousands of users. Please refer to “Our Solutions” section, for the list of functionalities that has been implemented as well as new features to be planned for.

Several teams whom have entered the market with their next generation email systems do not have the solutions which are secured enough to protect your information. Nor do these systems offer other useful functionalities that do not compromise security.

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