Savior (SAVI)

Smart Investment in Your Life

Review Score
ICO Price
1.743548 USD
0.01 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
10,000,000 SAVI
Hard Cap
Pre ICO Start Date
10 December 2017
Pre ICO End Date
10 February 2018
Start Date
10 January 2018
End Date
10 March 2018

What is Savior?


Private Investor, the combination of words, which might be not clear for everyone, but it has a history of more than 25 years. The birth of Internet-based technologies has made it possible to involve millions of private investors in trading and investing in startup companies, or existing companies around the world. No matter if You are currently in Asia, you easily can invest your money in the USA, Europe or other regions Online. This is the simpleness made by Internet, which you should get comfortable with instead of the traditional ways. A huge demand for currency trading and large profits have triggered a rapid growth of transaction clearing centers and brokerage companies. Classical regulation has not yet created laws or rules which could protect the interests of traders and companies, and which could have been standardized, transparent and easily applicable to all market participants regardless of jurisdiction. At the present moment, about 90% of brokerage companies have no regulation. All of the above creates conditions for the appearance of scammers, which manipulate the client’s funds, and substantial difficulties for the entry of new companies into the market.

Our goal is to create an independent marketplace with a smart contract depository based on Ethereum, which records all trading and non-trading transactions in blockchain and is designed to become a single standardized system for monitoring and resolving disputes between the trader and the broker and to eliminate the possibility of misuse of client funds. Blockchain technology guarantees transparency and lack of affiliation.

We are not like any other ICOs that are advertising unrealistic promises and low chance of success. our business plan is wise and have been researched enough to be working. It’s backed by the Blockchain technology and Ethereum Smart Contracts to make everything automated.

Guaranteed Coin Worth Growth
Today, if you buy 100 SAVI coins for 1 Ethereum, next year it will be absolutely 10 Ethereum coin for 100 SAVI. For sure there is a reasonable financial reason there. as mentioned above we will reinvest 5% of profit every month so the profit for everyone will rise month to month.

Low Risk Investment
Well, it’s being 2018 and it’s possible for everyone to invest online and manage their own portfolio. so, you might ask why lend their hard earned money to another company to invest for them? Well, Our team is experienced and well known to manage multipe portfolios and invest or manage startups. we can assure you that we invest in valuable Online businesses to obtain maximum profit and maintain low risk with help of our legal team. Also, we don’t put eggs in one basket and we will invest in different companies.

Refund if Soft Cap not reached
Our Smart Contract is coded to refund purchased SAVI coins if the Soft Cap is not reached. So, this makes your investment more logical and smart.

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